Manhole Inspections

Quality, Reliability and Experience

The Duke's Difference

Duke’s takes pride in our experience as a leader in wastewater technologies. We continue to invest in new technological sources and gain a comprehensive understanding of those tools with a desire to always explore new possibilities. Our ability to apply the information in a format that is compatible with today’s software and municipal asset management systems is what sets us apart.

Expertise and Technologies

NASSCO Certified Inspectors

Reliable & Accurate Inspections

Our camera operators are NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) certified in all current PACP (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) formats. We use the most up to date industry standards while performing manhole inspections and related sewer system deliverables.

IBAK / Rapidview Panoramo 360 SI Camera System

Digital High-Quality Imagery

The PANORAMO SI provides a complete 360º view of the sewer manhole in a matter of minutes. Using the 3D Optoscanner, two high resolution digital cameras with specially designed distortion-free wide-angle lenses are available for viewing. These optically scan the entire interior of the manhole in a few seconds with a single vertical run. The digitally transmitted image data can be viewed by the operator as if it were a live picture and the condition of the manhole is assessed back in the office or directly on site.

Unlike a video film from a conventional pan and rotate camera, which only shows the section of view saved at the time of filming, the RapidView IBAK PANORAMO SI viewer software provides an all-around inspection to assist with planning for sewer rehabilitation or maintenance. The inspector can stop at any position in the manhole, do a 360° pan or zoom, and take snapshots. Simultaneously, an unfolded view of the manhole can be generated. This gives a rapid overview of the condition of the manhole and enables the user to measure objects on the walls.

Compliant Software

NASSCO Certified Software

On the back end, we leverage Pipelogix for our data processing and have yearly renewal contracts. This ensures our team continuously receives timely updates and information to easily integrate the deliverable databases that we deliver into your NASSCO software.

Custom Data Integration

Use Your Data Effectively!

We have a team of data processors and certified data programmers who specialize in custom data integration. If you want your data to integrate into your Asset Management or GIS system, we have the experience and resources to help.


Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Data integrity and quality is paramount to our organization. We recognize the impact that quality data has on your operation, maintenance planning and capital improvement budgeting. Our team follows all NASSCO MACP standards for inspection and present them to you in a variety of formats including:

  • Executive Dashboard Reporting
  • Queryable Data Formats
  • PDF reports
  • More!

Our goal from day one is to deliver data for well-informed, conscious decision making about your sewer system.

All of our data can be integrated into your GIS platforms. We export our data in geodatabase .GDB and Shape .SHP file formats for your convenience. 

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