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CIPP Spot Repairs

Extend the Life of Your Pipes with Trenchless Precision

CIPP Spot Repairs- Trenchless Rehabilitation

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Spot repair is a trenchless method used to rehabilitate existing pipelines without the need for excavation. This minimizes disruption to the surrounding environment, reduces costs associated with digging, and allows for repairs in challenging or inaccessible locations.

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CIPP Spot Repairs- (Midwest/Ohio Valley Regions): Extend the Life of Your Pipes with Trenchless Precision


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CIPP Spot Repairs- (Southwest Region): Extend the Life of Your Pipes with Trenchless Precision






CIPP Spot Repairs

Sectional lining is a trenchless repair technology for sanitary and storm systems to provide a more cost-effective way for municipalities and utilities to make much needed repairs before the situation gets worse. 

CIPP Spot Repairs involves using a fiberglass cloth coated in a mixture of resin once cured the average tensile strength is 24,500 PSI and the average flexural strength is 27,500 PSI.

Single spot repair lengths range from 24"-84" and 6"-72" in pipe diameter. If longer sections are needed the crew can connect multiple spot liners to make one long repair.  Duke's offers two types of spot repairs they are ambient and Ultra-Violet (UV).

CIPP Roboticcutting
Robotic Cutting & Reinstatement

Duke's also has the capability to repair sections of pipe with taps. We can use our robotic cutter to cut out protruding taps or break ins and then install a spot repair over the area. Once it has cured, you can go back through and reinstate the lateral.