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Open Channel Flow Monitoring

Open Channel Flow Monitoring Services

Harnessing Flow Monitoring Insights for Enhanced Sanitary Sewer Efficiency

Flow monitoring is a fundamental tool for helping understand the efficiency of your Sanitary Sewer Collection System by collecting data for evaluating and characterizing wet-weather and dry weather flow conditions. Access to this data can help you understand, study, and respond to changes in sewer collection characteristics, the condition of aging systems, and potential improvements through I/I reduction or rehabilitation programs.

Insights derived from flow and rainfall data can help manage system capacity and adapt to changing conditions over time allowing for the optimization of capital, day-to-day operations, and maintenance programs.

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Open Channel Flow Monitoring Services:  Insights for Enhanced Sanitary Sewer Efficiency


100% Turnkey Service

When you have miles of pipe and many manholes, understanding the full picture of the flow for your entire wastewater collection system can be costly and challenging. We provide a 100% turnkey service, installing state-of-the sensor equipment, monitoring capabilities, and hydraulic analysis services.

Dukes utilizes state of the art equipment from industry-leading manufacturers.  Our in-house fleet consists of all sensor types in order tackle all types of applications.  All open channel meters feature cellular wireless data transmission to make real time data available 24/7.  If desired, alarms can be facilitated so that utility crews and/or management personnel receive instant text and/or email notifications.  Dukes will provide a project summary report either at the end of the project or on regular intervals, as required.  Custom reporting can be facilitated as required, upon request.

Actionable Insights

The flow team at Dukes consists of licensed engineers and a field crew boasting many years of experience with thousands of successful installations.  We employ programmed internal notifications to ensure that monitoring equipment continuously captures precise data from your system while leveraging sophisticated automation to track and report your sanitary and combined sewer overflows (SSO/CSO). 

Our final report includes all data, hydrographs, scatter graphs, and rainfall-derived inflow/infiltration (RDII) analytics, so that you can identify patterns, trends, and understand your peak flow, diurnal patterns, and system responses to wet-weather events easily and more clearly. 

Our flow monitoring solutions empower you with actionable insights, enabling you to make informed and intelligent decisions.