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CCTV Inspection & Cleaning

Providing a high-resolution perspective of your sewer pipeline infrastructure

CCTV inspections allow for a detailed examination of the sewer system's condition. This technology identifies various issues such as cracks, breaks, blockages, leaks, and other structural defects that may not be easily visible from the surface.

CCTV inspections provide an effective and efficient way to assess the condition of your wastewater collection system to find structural and O&M related issues. This reduces the overall cost of maintenance and repairs, as targeted interventions can be employed based on the specific issues identified during the inspection.

A Condition Assessment Report (CAR) can be provided with an actionable recommended method of rehabilitation on how and where to proceed with severity rankings, GIS Map, and construction cost estimates for planning. 

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CCTV Inspection & Cleaning  Providing a high-resolution perspective of your sewer pipeline infrastructure


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Pipeline Televising

Pipeline televising programs provide a high-resolution perspective of your sewer and/or storm pipeline infrastructure. Our camera technicians are NASSCO certified for PACP, LACP, MACP and we provide accurate and quality data in an industry standard database to ensure the input of data into your GIS system. 

CCTV Cameras enter the pipeline through a manhole and cameras are operated remotely by NASSCO Certified Operators while viewing a live feed to capture pipe defects and notate pipe conditions.  

Duke's utilizes both traditional and new innovative AI technology to ensure the highest levels of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC).

Pipline TV CCTV Cleaning
Pipeline Cleaning

An additional service capability that is typically performed in conjunction with the CCTV inspection is pipeline cleaning which is essential for maintaining the proper functioning of sewer systems and ensuring the efficient flow of wastewater. Over time, debris, sediment, grease, and other materials can accumulate in wastewater pipelines, leading to blockages. Regular cleaning helps prevent and remove these blockages, ensuring the continuous flow of wastewater.

The debris in the sewer line is moved downstream by the Jetter nozzle. When the nozzle is inserted into the manhole and activated it propels itself up stream by virtue of the water jets. After it reaches a specific distance or “step”, it is pulled back to the downstream manhole by the hose reel. The debris is removed from the manhole by a downhole submersible pump.

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With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts have encountered and successfully resolved a wide range of issues. While performing CCTV Inspection & Cleaning Services, our technicians may identify issues that require implementing a Root Control Program or other Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Services.