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Solutions for Maintaining the Health of Stormwater Infrastructure

The Challenges of aging infrastructure, population growth, and increased impervious surfaces requires innovative solutions.

Aging infrastructure is a common challenge for stormwater systems. Deteriorating pipes and structures can lead to inefficiencies, increased maintenance costs, and the risk of system failure during intense storm events. Rapid urbanization, climate change and increased impervious surfaces have led to higher volumes of stormwater runoff. Underground infrastructure must be designed to control and mitigate flooding, especially in areas prone to heavy rainfall or storm surges to prevent property damage and ensure public safety. Conducting an asset inventory and assessing the condition of the pipes, culverts, and catch basins is critical to optimizing and managing your stormwater system and operation. 


Stormwater Service Lifecycle
We recognize that maintaining the health of your stormwater Infrastructure is not just a task; it's a continuous lifecycle.
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Duke's Stormwater Infrastructure Service Lifecycle

Experience a service lifecycle that goes beyond routine maintenance, providing the insights and solutions necessary for a healthy, resilient, and reliable stormwater collection system.
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Stormwater Evaluate

Evaluating the condition, performance, and efficiency of the system, in a cost-effective manner is key to prescribing actionable plans and budgets.

Stormwater Evaluate Services
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Stormwater Prescribe

Programs and solutions are developed based on the findings from the evaluation phase, incorporating our experience and innovative technologies to address identified issues, optimize system performance, and ensure the sustainable and efficient operation of the stormwater infrastructure.

Stormwater Prescribe Services