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Duke’s Razorooter® II is a diquat-based herbicide registered by the EPA for controlling roots in sewer lines.

Duke’s does it all. With 40 years of experience and 300 million feet of treated sewer line, Duke’s has the best product and most experienced crews. Guaranteed.


There are other chemical root control products out there, but Duke’s exclusive Razorooter® II is a diquat-based herbicide registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for controlling nuisance tree roots in sanitary sewer line collections.

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Duke’s certified crews arrive on site, ready to go in fully equipped, four-wheel-drive vehicles with specialized equipment and materials. We keep track of applications, remind you when service is due, minimize disruption and save you money, time and effort.

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We guarantee to kill all the roots in every sewer we treat. If live roots are found within 6 months after application, or if a treated sewer plugs up and floods due to tree roots during the guaranteed period, we will re-treat that section or remit to customer 100% payment.

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How does the Duke’s Root Control system work?

Duke’s Root Control utilizes a chemical-laden, thick foam called Razorooter® II that has the consistency of heavy shaving cream. Since effectively killing roots in sewer systems requires access to the entire line, the Duke’s crew inserts a hose from manhole to manhole. The hose releases and sprays the foam in all directions, allowing it to adhere to roots and penetrate through wye connections to kill roots even in lateral lines. The entire system is treated as the foam compresses against pipe surfaces and penetrates cracks, joints and connecting sewers. Roots are killed on contact inside and outside the pipe walls, decay naturally and slough away, with regrowth delayed for two to three years. Trees and other above ground vegetation are not harmed, and disruption to residents and businesses is minimal.

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