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Water Infrastructure Solutions

Solutions for Maintaining the Health of Water Infrastructure

Mitigating risk and avoiding potential service disruptions.

Underground infrastructure plays a critical role in water utilities, encompassing a vast network of pipes, tunnels, and facilities that transport and treat water.  Many water utilities have aging underground infrastructure, leading to increased risks of leaks, breaks, and inefficiencies. Addressing the needs of this infrastructure is crucial for ensuring efficient water delivery, reducing water loss, and maintaining the overall integrity of the system. Underground infrastructure is critical for the deployment and maintenance of water services. 


Water Service Lifecycle
We recognize that maintaining the health of your water Infrastructure is not just a task; it's a continuous lifecycle.
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Duke's Water Infrastructure Service Lifecycle

Experience a service lifecycle that goes beyond routine maintenance, providing the insights and solutions necessary for a healthy, resilient, and reliable water system.
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Water Evaluate

Identifying the location and condition of water infrastructure assets in a non-destructive way is critical to reducing risk and avoiding potential service disruptions.

Water Evaluate Services
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Water Prescribe

Programs and solutions are developed based on the findings from the evaluation phase, incorporating our experience and innovative technologies to address identified issues. We also provide replacement or installation services to ensure the sustainable and efficient operation of the water infrastructure.

Water Prescribe Services