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Smoke & Dye Testing

Cost effective method to pinpoint locations of I&I

Smoke testing and dye testing are common methods used to identify and locate problems in wastewater systems. This service involves introducing non-toxic smoke into the sewer system. If there are leaks or cracks in the pipes, the smoke will escape, making it visible above ground. This identifies locations where the sewer system may be allowing the inflow of stormwater or exfiltration of wastewater, leading to a reduction of system capacity and increased system overflows.

Both smoke and dye testing help assess the overall integrity of the wastewater infrastructure. Identifying and addressing issues promptly can reduce unnecessary stress on the sewer collection system.

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Smoke & Dye Testing:  Cost effective method to pinpoint locations of I&I

Smoke Testing

Blowers are placed in adjoining manholes and a non-toxic liquid smoke is forced through the blowers into the sanitary or storm sewer. Defects in the pipe or manhole structures will create a pathway for the smoke to escape thereby identifying the location of the defects. While smoke is being forced into the sewer, field crews search adjacent areas looking for smoke. When smoke is found, all characteristics are documented including photos and GPS point.

Smoke Testing Video

Public notification is a very important part of the smoke testing process to minimize disruptions to the residents and businesses within the study area. Door hangers are distributed at least 48 hours in advance of any smoke testing activities to notify the public of the upcoming work. Duke’s contacts the local authorities to notify them of the upcoming days’ work. Any high priority locations such as hospitals, schools, etc. are also notified prior to smoke testing work being performed.

Duke's Insight 360 Interactive Platform

Duke’s Insight 360 is an intuitive online platform for identifying breaks and defects in sewer mains, service laterals, cross or illegal connections. With the click of a button, users can easily access comprehensive data on:

  • Defect Photos
  • Summary Report
  • Geo-Database

Users can quickly identify problem areas and view data from anywhere with an internet connection, providing access and storage of information upon project completion allowing for efficient management of sewer systems.


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Typically, during a smoke test, many defects are located. These defects are ranked in terms of severity and are shown on tables and maps. Following up with CCTV Inspection & Cleaning for major defects is required on mainline defects to determine corrective measures.