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Pump Station Monitor

Understand pump station performance BEFORE it is stressed with additional wet weather demands- 100% Turnkey Service

Monitoring pump or lift stations in wastewater infrastructure is crucial for ensuring efficient and reliable operation, as well as for preventing potential issues that could lead to system failures. Continuous monitoring of pump performance parameters such as flow rate, pressure, and power consumption allows operators to identify deviations from normal operating conditions in real time. Real-time monitoring helps detect potential issues early on, allowing for prompt intervention and maintenance to prevent equipment failures.

The investment for installing monitoring systems, especially for small municipalities or organizations with limited budgets, can be significant. The cost of sensors, data acquisition equipment, communication infrastructure, and software along with the resources to maintain the technology can be cost prohibitive.

Minimizing downtime is critical in wastewater management to ensure continuous operation and prevent disruptions in service. By addressing issues before they escalate, monitoring systems contribute to cost savings by reducing the need for emergency repairs, minimizing equipment damage, and optimizing maintenance schedules. Additionally, energy efficiency monitoring can lead to cost savings over time.

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Pump Station Monitor:  Understand pump station performance

Dukes Pump Station Monitor
100% Turnkey Service

Fixed Monthly Fee includes everything: Hardware, Installation, Maintenance. Outsourcing eliminates the need for investing in specialized equipment and infrastructure.

Pump Station Monitor

On-line dashboards provide crucial real-time data a glance:

  • Wetwell Level
  • Influent Flow Rate (GPM)
  • Pump Flow Rate (GPM)
  • Discharge Pressure (PSI)
  • Pump Current (Amps)
  • Electrical “Wire” HP
  • Discharge “Water” HP
  • System Efficiency (%)
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As you monitor pump station parameters, you may identify issues that need further evaluation.  Our experts can help you identify sources causing flow irregularities and provide actionable insights to prevent disruptions and optimize performance.