Wasterwater 350Px


Hear directly from our satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their projects, showcasing our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

"They get you the details so that it’s very good that I can hand it to my engineers and say this is what we need to fix."

Utility Superintendent

"We have been thrilled with the results. A few months after the foam was applied in January, we ran our CCTV through the pipe, and the roots had decayed like you see cigarette ashes crumble. Our camera made it right through the pipe. We haven’t had any blockages since. This has saved our city a tremendous amount of time lost, wages and expenses. We can rededicate the time we were spending in different areas of the town!"

Gary Harter
Operations Manager, City of Liberty, MO

"Duke’s is in business to help us do our job better."

County Engineer

"Once we saw the positive results from the pilot root control initiative, we increased the program, and it is now part of our ongoing maintenance for the entire system. The best part is that Duke’s comes in and takes care of everything. Our guys don’t want to do it themselves. It’s not their job. They don’t want to deal with chemicals, and they shouldn’t have to. So, the Duke’s crew comes in, applies the product, and helps us keep track of treatment history and when and where maintenance is due."

Stephen Motley
Former Regulatory Compliance Manager, City of Virginia Beach

“Duke’s is in the business to help the sewer industry flow better and stay protected against things like roots and environmentally, a tremendous asset to the industry."

Sewer Superintendent

“Duke’s solves maintenance problems. I have worked with them directly for many years on several projects, and I’ve seen the exceptional results firsthand. I have personally entered manholes where we had up to 80% blockage caused by large root masses. After the Duke’s application, I re-entered one year later, and the roots were completely decayed. I’m so confident in Duke’s products and services that I refer them directly to my municipal clients.”

Hatch Mott McDonald

"I’ll spend every penny I have on root control because I think it’s that effective."

Utility Superintendent

“The comprehensive MOM program, which includes a sizable root control effort, is a prime example of a success story that can be shared with other similar communities. It documents capacity assurance results and reductions in SSOs, which was our primary goal, without the high cost of implementing traditional I&I reduction efforts. We now have a good, solid foundation, fewer environmental impacts, and a process to continually get to the cause — grease and roots — instead of our previous reactionary approach to cleaning when the stoppages occurred. We have made great strides.”

Brown and Caldwell