I&I Micro-Detection

Micro-Detection of I&I

Duke’s deploys the most advanced technologies to micro-detect infiltration and inflow (I&I), to quickly isolate the line segments within a basin that are contributing excess I&I to minimize SSES services and start working on optimizing your sewer system.  

Chasing down I&I is time-consuming and costly. The key is to find specific areas that are contributing major points of entry. Most models detect the problem within a few miles, but the cost of comprehensive rehab rarely pays off.

How Duke's Does It

Duke’s micro-detection units and software deduct the lines in the area that aren’t contributors and identifies specific areas to address. These units, weighing just 1.9 pounds, provide instant feedback after even the smallest rain event. The unit – accessed by a tablet or smartphone – indicates whether the line was affected by rain or groundwater, allowing you to relocate the tracker to pinpoint the specific lines that allow I&I.

Once the severe issues in your system are located, the units then provide low- and high-flow alarm notifications before there is an issue. Custom algorithms compare dry days to rain events providing at-a-glance charts, graphs, and reports showing volumes of RDII, groundwater I&I contributions, and total I&I flows in gpm.

I&I Micro-detection is the benchmark to making your city or town a Smart Wastewater System.

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