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Inflow & Infiltration Plumbing Inspection Program Information

Did You Receive A Door Notice?

If you received an orange door tag notice, that means that your property is included in the Dallas Area Municipal Authority plumbing inspection program. This door notice includes information on the program, including the dates that the program will be taking place in your area. Please schedule your appointment now by clicking on the schedule now button or contact us with any questions about the inspection program. 

Why A Property Inspection?

Excess storm water that enters in the sanitary sewer collection system increases capacity at the wastewater treatment plant, is costly to treat and can pose a threat to our environment. To address all of these important concerns, as well as to meet regulatory requirements, Dallas Area Municipal Authority has contracted with Duke’s Root Control, to perform inside and external plumbing inspections across the sanitary sewer system service area. More information can be found by watching the informational video at the top of your screen. 

For questions, please call our dedicated Property Inspection line at
(888) 895-0089, or click the "Contact Us" button below. Our call line hours of operation are M-Sa, 7:00am - 5:00pm Central Time. Any after hours calls will be returned the next day.


9/14/21 Update: PLEASE NOTE: We are only currently scheduling for zones 1, 2 and 3. To schedule or change your 15 minute inspection appointment, please select one of the options below. Please book using the 5 digit PIN# that you received in your letter. If you have not yet received your letter, it may be that your zone is not yet ready to be schedule. Please wait to receive your letter from DAMA before booking your appointment. To view a map with your zone and estimated dates of inspection click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please remove obstacles that might prevent our inspectors from accessing your building’s internal plumbing location. Typically these locations are in utility rooms, crawl spaces or basements. Please schedule your appointment during the days indicated on your door tag or letter. If you have not received a door tag, appointment options will appear for your inspection area.  Each inspection takes around 15 minutes and no modifications will be done to your plumbing. 

Project areas are being released based on geography to the total service area. Your parcel is linked to a project zone which can be found by searching DAMA Public Access Map. You will be receiving a letter from D.A.M.A when your zone is released for scheduling. You can also click on your parcel to look up your PIN# which will allow for more streamlined scheduling of your appointment.

It is in the utility ordinance that all buildings connected to the utility system must be available for inspections. For a copy of the utility ordinance, please contact dama@dukes.com or visit damaonline.org for more information or a copy of the ordinance specific to your area.

Dallas Area Municipal Authority will use the data from this inspection study for future expansion or rehabilitation plans to the utility sanitary sewer system.

All of our inspectors will be following current CDC guidelines and best practices for safe inspections. Inspectors will wear face masks, gloves and shoe covers and will have safety vests and identification badges on them at all times.

Duke’s will make every reasonable effort to schedule appointments during a convenient time for you. When you schedule your appointment, there will be an area for you to request a call to schedule an appointment outside of the date range scheduled for your area.

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