Smoke / Dye Testing

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is one of the most cost-effective methods of locating breaks and defects in the sewer system (sewer mains, service laterals, cross or illegal connections). The smoke is an indication of inflow and infiltration (I&I) that can enter a sewer system during a rain event and is not desirable. This reduces the capacity at the sewer plant, increases treatment costs and can lead to overburdening of the sanitary system, possibly leading to overflows.

Did You Receive A Notice?

If you received a pink door tag indicating that your utility would be performing sewer smoke testing, there are things that you can do to prepare. Please consult our FAQ section for more information.

How Smoke Testing Works

Blowers are placed in adjoining manholes and a non-toxic liquid smoke is forced through the blowers into the sanitary or storm sewer. Defects in the pipe or manhole structures will create a pathway for the smoke to escape thereby identifying the location of the defect.

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