Private Property Inspections

Resolving Illegal Water Hookups and Deficient Connections

Duke’s Root Control helps municipalities locate and resolve private connection deficiencies that are causing inflow into the collection system. Our team ensures high-quality inspections with limited resident impact. Our goal is to achieve the benefit of accurate and actionable information regarding the private sewer infrastructure condition.

We also assist with identifying illegal water hookups, which often result in thousands of dollars in loss. Our proactive approach to private property inspections and investigations of water theft assists with the resolution of these issues.

Resolving Issues within the Collection System

Excess stormwater that enters the collection system through private building connections increases treatment costs and decreases capacity within the system. This additional water ultimately impacts the overall water supply. Our team helps remediate these issues and cuts down on illegal water hookups or deficient connections.

Digital Record for Strategies to Disconnect Illegal Connections and Remediate Deficiencies

Duke’s records and documents plumbing connections (including illegal connections) inside the building through a database-driven application. The technological platform will allow the utility to review the collected information and pursue remediation or disconnection for deficient and illegal water connections. All aim to reduce stormwater inflow into the collection system.  

Key Indicators of Success

  • The public perception of the program should be favorable or, at minimum, tolerable. This will require a successful outreach program and continual Q&A sessions with residents via social media and website platforms.
  • Once the study is complete, the municipality will have a detailed analysis of the private sewer assets connected to the collection system. The study includes the condition of the water connections and data needed to pursue remediation or disconnection of water services.

Scope of Services

Duke’s provides its property inspections to private property parcels consisting of commercial, residential, educational, medical, and industrial facilities.

Our team leverages a call center and appointment scheduling platform to allow property owners to schedule appointments during convenient times, including nights and weekends. This ensures there is maximum coverage in the study area.

Scheduling of inspectors should be done in a dynamic GIS-based platform that allows for utility oversight on the project. Collaboration with the municipality may be required to enforce ordinances or encourage public cooperation within the program.

We have a vast amount of experience serving as Project Coordinators. Our team can assist with creating public outreach media, including social media posts, door tags, and resident public service announcement videos. Additionally, we can provide a direct call center number to facilitate the completion of the program.

Do you serve a municipality?

Contact Duke’s today, and discover how your private sewer infrastructure condition could improve capacity and impact your bottom line. We can help you resolve these issues and more to protect your water supply and your budget.

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