Manhole and Pump Station Inspections

Manhole and Pump Station Inspections

Duke’s Provides Expert Water System Evaluations

We have the capability to do both above-ground and manned entry manhole inspections.
Experienced manhole and pump station inspections from the professionals at Duke’s deliver real value to clients throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Our inspection teams specialize in completing efficient and accurate assessments, highlighting specific issues and defects, establishing the validity of existing mapping data, and helping to determine the best methods to repair and optimize these systems.

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Compiling Useful Data for Water System Rehabilitations and Accurate Mapping Data

Beyond simply helping our clients understand the general condition of their wastewater and stormwater collection systems, the verification and updating of GIS information eliminates future confusion among field crews performing repairs. This saves time and reduces the number mistakes made in the field, leading to shortened repair project timelines and tangible cost savings for our customers.

We are well versed in utilizing the National Association of Sewer Service Company’s (NASSCO®) generic Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP™) inspection protocols, but we also have the flexibility needed to use any customized inspection platforms for pump stations. We are also capable of developing database and GIS interfaces so that our inspection results are available and easily accessible for customer use, representing even more value for our clients.


We have increased capabilities with the Panoramo SI 3D Optical Manhole Scanner from RapidView/Ibak.  We can provide complete 360-degree views of manhole interiors.  Benefits for our clients include:

  • 360-degree views reduce the chances of missed defects.
  • No confined space entry required.
  • Time savings over traditional methods:
    • Can inspect a 20-foot deep manhole in less than 30 seconds.
    • Can inspect 25 – 50 manholes per day.
  • Manhole inspections can be performed in office using MACP certified software.
  • Unfolded views allow for comprehensive condition assessment in a single view.
  • Point cloud views allow for accurate measurement of most features and can be exported to CAD software for further assessment and processing.

View from inside the manhole.

Unfolded view – Inside Manhole.

Panorama Point Cloud View.

Panorama Point Cloud View.


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