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Pipeline Televising

Pipeline Inspection and Assessment Services

The programs we developed for our manhole inspection program are now available for pipeline televising. Pipeline televising provides a high-resolution perspective of your sewer or storm pipeline infrastructure. Our camera technicians are NASSCO certified for PACP and we utilize NASSCO certified software to bring you data that is in the most current formats and able to be integrated into your system.

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Large Diameter Cleaning

For Large Diameter cleaning Duke’s uses re-cycled sewer water or hydrant water for our powerful 500 gpm Jetter. No sewer cleaning jetter is more powerful. No debris gets by our 4,500 gpm submersible pump that removes debris from the manhole and pumps it into an enclosed water/debris separator box on the surface. Water is decanted back into the sewer.

We offer our pipeline cleanings both in conjunction with our CCTV inspections and as a standalone, periodic cleaning service.

Large Diamter Cleaning
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