Videocentric Stormwater Monitoring
and Alert Service as Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

With Dukes 100% turn-key service, you can focus your resources on areas that are most needed to provide continuity of service instead of spending time owning and managing technology.

Your system will be up and running with online data within 30 days!


Provide Manhole Locations

Sentinel smart cellular-enabled monitors installed by Duke’s to provide users the ability to observe, alert and visualize collection system behavior all within a user-friendly application.

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Wait for an Alert

Upon water levels reaching a user-defined height, a text message alert is dispatched along with an animated video detailing current conditions initiating the alert.

  • Stormwater Alerts


Start Viewing

StormwaterAlert’s Playback® feature visually integrates location, weather, system performance and alerts into one clearly understandable animated video. Events leading up to each alert, including present conditions, are visually upgraded on a continual basis.

  • View conditions before & after surcharges and blockages
  • View impacts of weather
  • View cleaning and capacity opportunities

View conditions Before & After Surcharges and Blockages

With StormwaterAlert’s Playback® feature, as quickly as a surcharge or blockage text alert is received, an animated video appears providing a clear visual explanation of current conditions initiating the alert along with changing conditions as the situation evolves. Within just a few minutes of watching Playback®, O&M personnel are not only armed with the ability to clearly understand events leading up to each alert but continually stay informed by viewing present conditions. Updated once every 5, 10 or 15 user-selectable minutes, video-centric monitoring technology brings collection system performance awareness to an entirely new level.


View Stormwater Alerts

Surcharges and SSO’s are primarily the result of blockages resulting from weather. With StormwaterAlert’s unique Playback® feature, the discovery process becomes as simple as watching an animated video of the performance of your collection network under both normal and adverse weather conditions.


View Cleaning and Capacity Opportunities

Blockages, the main cause of surcharges, SSO’s and residential back-ups, are many times the result of a lack of cleaning or an unidentified capacity issue. Upon receiving a StormwaterAlert, Playback® animated videos quickly show the primary cause for initiation of an alarm. Historical level records synced with coinciding weather patterns instantly provide visual confirmation of events leading up to the problem.

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