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Duke’s takes pride in getting the job done right, every time! Here is what our clients have to say about our service and the results we deliver.

“Duke’s solves maintenance problems. How do I know? Because I have worked with them directly for many years on several projects, and I’ve seen the exceptional results firsthand. I have personally entered manholes where we had up to 80% blockage caused by large root masses. After the Duke’s application, I re-entered one year later, and the roots were completely decayed. I’m so confident in Duke’s products and services that I refer them directly to my municipal clients.”
John Jim McGregor, PE, Hatch Mott McDonald
“Once we saw the positive results from the pilot root control initiative, we increased the program and it is now part of our ongoing maintenance for the entire system. The best part is that Duke’s comes in and takes care of everything. Our guys don’t want to do it themselves. It’s not their job. They don’t want to deal with chemicals, and they shouldn’t have to. So, the Duke’s crew comes in, applies the product, and helps us keep track of treatment history and when and where maintenance is due.”
Stephen Motley, Regulatory Compliance Manager, City of Virginia Beach
“Duke’s digital analytics platform is integral to refining our risk model. As the sea continues to rise, we will need to be crystal clear on prioritizing replacement of not only mains, but also laterals and manholes. Having the data digitally is great, but, more importantly, is the ability of the system to slice, dice and analyze giving us the information we need, in real-time fashion, to make the right decisions to preserve our city.”
Erin Smith, Director of Public Works, City of Alameda
“We have been thrilled with the results. A few months after the foam was applied in January, we ran our CCTV through the pipe, and the roots had decayed like you see cigarette ashes crumble. Our camera made it right through the pipe. We haven’t had any blockages since. This has saved our city a tremendous amount of time lost, wages and expenses. We can rededicate the time we were spending in different areas of the town!”
Gary Harter, Operations Manager, City of Liberty, MO


Duke’s team has served across the various underground infrastructure organizations as:

  • President of the National Association of Sewer System Companies (NASSCO), as well as served on the board of directors.
  • Chair of several national Water Environmental Federation (WEF) and local State Member Associations committees focusing on the development and application of new technologies in the wastewater industry.


NASSCO LogoSeal2018

NASSCO - National Association of Sewer Service Companies

APWA Colored Logo

APWA -American Public Works Association

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NO-DIG - Trenchless Technology

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CWEA - California Water Environment Association

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MSTT - Midwest Society for Trenchless Technology

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UCT- Underground Construction Technology


NRWA - National Rural Water Association

Current Training Classes

Duke’s holds training classes throughout the country and is registered with many states for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) and Professional Development Hours (PDH) units. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our classes in your area or to host a class at your location.

Past Training Classes



Manhole Inspection & Analytics Techniques – Michelle Harrod, Michelle Harrod, Infrastructure Programs Director, Dukes

Abstract: Sanitary sewer manholes can be major contributors to a system’s inflow and infiltration. These structures, when repaired correctly can make a large positive impact on the reduction of excess I&I. The application of inspection standards and analytics can help utilities to prioritize the sewer manholes with the greatest contribution of I&I or structural defects. This class describes the standards for inspection based on the NASSCO MaCP v7.0 standards as well as additional analytics and insights a utility can use for their I&I reduction program

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