Focus On Root Control: Duke’s Root Control

January 2009 Vol. 64 No. 1

Duke’s certified applicators use specialized equipment to fill the affected sewer pipe with thick herbicidal foam to control root infiltration.

Foam with a thick, shaving cream consistency like Duke’s is essential to adhere to roots and travel up the laterals. Duke’s exclusive dense foam also packs more active chemicals in the spaces between the bubbles and has a longer retention time. After inserting the hose from manhole to manhole, the foam is released, compressing against pipe surfaces, penetrating cracks, joints and connecting sewers. Roots are killed on contact, decay naturally and slough off. Duke’s applications prevent root re-growth for 3-5 years. Duke’s provides safety for applicators, workers downstream, homeowners, and treatment plants. Roots are killed on contact inside and outside pipe walls, and the foam penetrates through wye connections to kill roots in lateral lines. Trees and other above ground vegetation are not harmed. In addition, no jet trucks or other potentially damaging equipment are used. 315.472.4781,