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MWRD Infiltration/Inflow Control Program

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 Greater Chicago MWRD Program Infiltration/Inflow Control and Duke's Root ControlThe Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago has identified 129 municipalities that must comply with the District’s Infiltration/Inflow Control Program or face non-compliance.

The number one goal of the MWRD Program includes maintaining infrastructure to prevent sanitary sewer overflows and basement backups due to the sewer surcharging and other adverse sewer system conditions. The Program requires the municipalities to demonstrate adequate annual progress toward implementing and completing the Short Term Requirements described in §804.

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “The intrusion of roots into sewers is probably the most destructive single element that faces those maintaining wastewater collection systems.” In fact, 43% of all SSOs are caused by blockages, including roots.

Are you a municipality identified in the MWRD Program? Duke’s Root Control is ready to help you put a plan of action together to increase capacity, minimize impact to your community and help you avoid non-compliance. Duke’s Root Control uses a chemical-laden, thick foam called Razorooter® II, the only diquat-based herbicide registered by the US EPA for controlling tree roots in sanitary sewer line collection systems. Since effectively killing roots in sewer systems requires access to the entire line, the Duke’s crew inserts a hose from manhole to manhole, which releases and sprays foam in all directions, allowing the foam to adhere to roots and penetrate through wye connections to kill roots even in lateral lines. This is especially important, as Duke’s will help you prevent basement backups by treating the laterals up to the property line.

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